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There is simply no way for financial institutions to know the printing industry from coast to coast and how one institution affects another. This is where Fulcrum comes in and 14 of the top 20 financial institutions along with many others selected Fulcrum to shepherd them through the process of determining the best printing options for their customers. We have bid in excess of $2.75 Billion in check sales these past nineteen years and are in the words of the check suppliers "the most powerful consulting firm in America when it comes to check programs". The institutions referenced above have plenty of people on board that negotiate contracts and do so very well. The real reason we were brought in is because of our very narrow, focused subject matter expertise in the check-printing field. That expertise along with our national experience gives us knowledge that is not available internally. When that is coupled with our ability to take all the financial risk and only get compensated based upon the wholesale savings or new dollars generated for our customer (there is no fixed fee), the Fulcrum value proposition becomes very attractive.

Here is a quick list of what our major financial institution clients seem to like about what we do:


  • The Fulcrum process frees up management’s time to run the financial institution. Management retains all strategic control without performing the actual work of an RFP, review or renegotiation.

  • FI Management embraces our discovery process of interviewing all touch points the institution has with the printers so that their needs are truly determined.

  • The printers will participate at a high level when we are involved because their management knows the RFP effort will be worth their while and fair.

  • No matter how good the financial institution is at negotiating, they will never know how their program and offer relates to other intitutions around the country. We do!

  • Fulcrum will make sure that performance standards are in the new contract so there is a legitimate out for non-performance. It is routine for printers to convince bankers to accept their boilerplate check supplier contract, which becomes an advantage for the printer.

  • Fulcrum will perform a complete analysis of the commercial check program, which represents the last “low hanging fruit” in the check printing industry.

  • Ultimately, the institution will enjoy a lucrative and fair financial arrangement.

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